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The Seeker™

  • The Seeker™
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  • The Seeker™
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Say good-bye to tone sucking, ineffective effects loops, say hello to ideal effects routing and tonal nirvana!

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Introducing The Seeker™ by Third Eye™

Guitarists and studio engineers have known for many years that the best system for combining a valve amplifier and time based effects (delay, chorus, reverb) is by using a Wet/Dry/Wet system of routing. Delay run in front of a cranked valve amp will give you a pretty awful karaoke machine echo, but when run after the amp the tone is massive and pure sonic nirvana; the “holy grail” of guitar tones as heard on countless recordings.

This has typically involved having one amp and cab for the centre “dry” sound as well as a separate stereo amp (or even two mono ones!) dedicated to amplifying time based effects with outputs to left and right “wet” cabinets. Thus, the modern rack system was born and used to great effect on live concert stages around the world. However, for the usual working musician doing gigs without a team of roadies and a sizeable enough vehicle to haul two or three amps (or a rack) and three cabinets to shows, the W/D/W system was a cumbersome hassle best left to rock stars and their crews; until now.

The Seeker™ is a compact, “Wet/Wet” powered guitar cabinet containing two 10 inch speakers and a 100 watt stereo power amplifier for use with any combo valve amplifier to create a Wet/Dry/Wet setup (see diagram).  Alternatively, The Seeker™ may be used as a powerful standalone unit to amplify any floor based or software based guitar multi effects unit without colouring the sound (diagram).

The materials and construction are of the highest quality throughout.  The cabinet itself is made from 15mm birch ply by award winning Zilla Cabs, and wired completely with Evidence Audio Siren II™ speaker wire and TRT Wonder Solder Signature™ for the best in sonic quality and clarity.

The standard speakers are two 10″ Eminence Ramrods, or two 10″ Eighteen Sounds (a neutral sounding, lightweight neodymium 250 watt PA speaker for multi-effect unit usage), while the standard power amp is the excellent ART SLA-1 for 100 watts of clean power. Many other options of speakers and power amps are available upon request, as well as custom coverings and grille cloth to match virtually any combo amp. The standard cabinet is closed backed, with an optional open back or “convert-able” three piece back also available.

There is a removable wooden panel on the front of the cabinet in order to access the power amp on/off switch and volume controls. The panel is secured with heavy duty velcro and has a small pull tab attached to it. The power amp indicator light shines through a hole in the front to indicate it is on.

The back of the stereo amp shelf area has an oval cut-out for access to the power amp “wet” inputs and kettle lead power input. The jack plate on the rear of the cabinet has two jacks (see “diagrams”), these L/R “wet” powered stereo output jacks are for driving two L/R extension cabinets.  This is an option in order to enhance the stereo spread of the setup if desired, although it somewhat defeats the object of a compact W/D/W rig which sounds excellent as is; but to each their own, it depends on how much gear you are willing to haul and the venue size.  All inputs and outputs are at an impedance of 8Ω.  There are two heavy duty carry handles on either side of the cabinet and removable caster wheels for the base.




Handmade in England

Dimensions (cm): 59w X 53h X 31D


The Seeker™ “Clean to Dirty Delay”


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