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    Designed and built by Third Eye, The SeerTM is the first self contained Wet/Dry/Wet Powered Guitar Cabinet (Pat. Pend.)

    Say good-bye to tone sucking, ineffective effects loops, say hello to ideal effects routing and tonal nirvana!
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    When one cab is not enough, introducing the thunderous power of the six speaker SageTM Stack.

    The SageTM’s speakers are orientated in reverse (10in speakers on top) to those of The SeerTM. The SageTM is then “stacked” on top of an unloaded (amp out) SeerTM cabinet to create the ultimate, six speaker, Wet/Dry/Wet stack setup.
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    The SeekerTM is a compact, “Wet/Wet” powered guitar cabinet containing two 10 inch speakers and a 100 watt stereo power amplifier for use with any combo valve amplifier to create a Wet/Dry/Wet setup.
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    All Third Eye cabinets come with the excellent ART SLA-1 power amplifier for 100 watts of clean power as standard.

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The Seer
The Seeker
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